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7:30pm, 08/10/2020 Private workshop "Second home in Greece - Second plan for your future" support@vglobal partners.com
September 11, 2020

Workshop “Second home in Greece – Second plan for your future!”

Greek Passport Ranked 8th Most Powerful in the World!

The fastest path to take the whole family to Europe!

The Greek Golden Visa – the program gives non-European citizens the opportunity to become Greek permanent residents by a real estate investment valued at 250,000 Euros.

This is the most competitive immigration program in Europe today with reasonable cost, fast processing time, and extended family sponsorship.

Private virtual workshop:


In order to help the investors have an overview of Greece in general and the Golden Visa Resident Program in particular, we organize an online seminar with the participation of 3 parties:

  1. The representative of Cyfield Group – Real Estate Group with 30 years of experience developing projects in Greece and Cyprus.
  2. The representative of VGlobal Partners, an investment immigration consultancy company with experts with more than 20 years of industry experience and has helped more than 10,000 families gain citizenship or permanent residency with major investment projects. in many countries such as Canada, America, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean …
  3. Guest : 30 earliest registered investors


  1. An overview of Greece (geographical location, economy, culture, business environment …)
  2. The investor’s benefits when joining the Greek Golden Visa program
  3. Requirements for applicants and dependents
  4. Real Estate Projects of Cyfield Group in Greece
  5. Q&A between guests and experts