December 30, 2022

New Year Celebrations in Portugal

New Year is the time that gives you a chance to look back upon the things that you have missed taking chances and gives you an opportunity to be better than before. So, in a simple word, the main exciting thing about New Year is New year resolution. Also, it’s all about celebration and visiting. So, visiting Portugal to enjoy New Year can be the ace kick-start to the brand new day of the year. You will see Portugal better than ever on this day. So, you can mark your calendar to visit Portugal and celebrate the most amusing New Year in Portugal.

The cities of Portugal is fully ready and excited to welcome the new day for New Year with different events and parties. If you’re in one of the cities of Portugal and you want to greet everyone with their language and wondering how to say happy new year in Portugal, say the words ‘feliz Ano Novo’ which is happy New Year in Portuguese and you’ll get back the same with a warm smile which means happy new year to you too in English. The fun and celebration are at its peak and is worth watching during Portugal New Years Eve in the cities.

New Year of Portugal is as refreshing as the cool breeze on the coast. However, the temperature of inline is better than on the coast. The overall temperature of Portugal can be predicted from Lisbon which is in an average of 15°c in December. However, the temperature drops down in the evening so make sure to stay warm. You will see the streets of Portugal all lighted up in decorative lights, hustle, and bustle of people to buy presents for their near and dear ones. There is no need for you to set a reminder for New Year’s Eve because the atmospheric air of Portugal filled with good vibes of it is itself a reminder.

Happy New Year 2023 !

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