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Peace of mind. Financial security. A brighter future. It all starts with protecting what matters most. Learn how we can help you achieve financial freedom and open the door to a life of prosperity.

Turn Your Dream of Studying Abroad into Reality!

We connect you with top universities in Canada, Portugal, and the USA.

Do you dream of getting a world-class education on a vibrant international stage? You’re not alone. Studying abroad is an enriching experience that opens doors to exciting careers and lifelong connections.

Here at VGlobal Partners, we make that dream a reality. We partner with prestigious institutions in Canada,Portugal, and the USA, providing you with access to:

  • Renowned Universities: Pursue your academic goals at top-ranked institutions known for their excellence.
  • Diverse Programs: Explore a wide range of programs across various fields, unlocking your full potential.
  • Global Exposure: Immerse yourself in new cultures, broaden your horizons, and build an international network.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your study abroad journey. From initial program selection to application support, we’ll be there for you.

Ready to take the first step? Contact us today and let our experienced advisors help you find the perfect fit for your academic aspirations and future goals.




Unlock Global Growth & Security: We have Investment Solutions for You


You dream big, and we help you achieving those dreams with secure, low-risk investment strategies. We offer a range of solutions to fit your goals, whether they’re:

  • Launching a thriving business in Canada: Our Canada Start-Up Visa expertise paves the way for successful entrepreneurship.
  • Securing residency in Portugal: Invest in the Portugal Fund (Golden Visa) program to gain residency and explore exciting opportunities in Europe.
  • Fast-tracking a Green Card in the US: The EB-5 program offers a streamlined path to permanent residency in the United States.


  • Safety and security: We prioritize low-risk investment options to minimize financial exposure.
  • Global reach: Explore diverse opportunities across North America and Europe.
  • Expert guidance: Leverage our experience to navigate immigration processes seamlessly.


Smooth Landing Awaits: Start Your New Life Abroad with Confidence

Do business, study, or work internationally – VGlobal Partners Vietnam empowers your journey abroad. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to ensure a soft landing in your new destination.

What does a soft landing mean with VGlobal Partners Vietnam?

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of professionals will navigate you through the complexities of relocating, from immigration processes to business set-up.
  • Streamlined Solutions: We handle the paperwork and legwork, allowing you to focus on settling in and achieving your goals.
  • Peace of Mind: Our guarantee ensures a smooth transition, minimizing stress and maximizing your success.

With VGlobal Partners Vietnam, your clients embark on their new chapter with confidence and prosperity.

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